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September 19, 2007



Great posters, but my favourite is the one on the right with Brown claiming "I am a conviction politician like her" if only!
Reminds me of when Labour and their "campaign manager" used Mrs T negatively to send up Hague.

Don Collier

From CityWire

Bank of England performs u-turn and pumps £10 billion into money markets
The Bank of England (BoE) has performed a dramatic policy u-turn by announcing plans to inject around £10 billion of liquidity into money markets.

A whiff of panic.. Well at least it a change from rabbits in the headlights!!!


I think these are really brilliant.

Great new Blog!!

Tony Makara

I particularly liked the green poster. Gordon Brown enemy of the environment.

Stephen Warrick

Crash Gordon!!!!!!

I likes it....


i bow to no one in my dislike of Brown but attacking the man so personally smacks of desparation - and when we want to attaavk Lib Dems we're are told to 'love bomb' them.

Sort it out - are we going for the throat of these people or are we not?


Treacle I don't think this attack is unfairly personal. He as Chancellor was responsible for the 100 tax rises, he was responsible for wasting so much money in the NHS, he built economic growth on the back of £1.3 trillion worth of debt. This is his personal legacy.

Man in a Shed

These are fantastic - what's the copyright status ?


As the creator I'm not bothered if you use them. (Some credit if you post them on you blog would be nice though ;-)).

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