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October 05, 2007


Sally Roberts

It's a good question... but frankly this comes as no surprise!




They are happy to publish it at The Grauniad, any road up.

Steve MacFarlane

This kind of goading triumphalism is catastrophically stupid. It reminds me of the English media and the national football squad - one good result and we're winning the World Cup (until we lose to Belarus and the studio is dead with incredulous deflation).
Fact: this is the best time for Brown to call an election. If he doesn't, the narrative changes - Brown is scared and Cameron is ascendent.
So why are Tory activists - and inexplicably, the Tory high command PRESSING for an election they won't win? Of course, Cameron had to state "We wan't an election." But to have upped the ante so dramatically with triumphalist zest - it could prove one of the major miscalclations of the decade, forcing Brown into holding an election when the best Cameron can hope for is a hung Parliament, Lib-Labbery and five years of opposition.

David Sidebotham

Are we not at the point where "Lame Duck" starts to sound right. After all at PMs question time he did everthing but quack.

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