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Yet Another Anon

Members of the Police, Fire Services, Armed Forces, Security & Intelligence Services and MPs should be exempted from Income Tax on the salaries they are paid for those jobs, surely this is just recycling money anyway - the number of MPs and ministers could be reduced to a third of what it is and MPs and ministers pay pay frozen for the year in which the change occurred. This would provide the Emergency Services with a big boost in pay without having to adjust their budgets and could be extended to other core Public Sector Workers.

Then there could be spending cuts in other areas to help pay for this.


I have just watched the Daily Politics show and I have never seen Kevin Maguire look so glum. What good news he is such an apologist and sycophant of the New labour movement it can only mean trouble at mill.

Sally Roberts

This is a cynical stunt on the part of Brown and Labour! It is merely trying to gain votes and the rebate is not even being given to personnel serving in areas other than Iraq and Afghanistan!



An illustration of the point.

Peter Turner

Does no-one remember the rebate on Council Tax given to pensioners by Gordon Brown? This was just before a General Election and it must have done a lot of good because by the next year they (the pensioners) no longer needed a rebate 0 or so I presume as they did not get one. Personally I think that that gesture was bribery. Is he trying it again?

Conservative Homer

Great isnt it? Were supposed to be grateful to the government for taking 'less' of our money off of us. All they expect you to do in return is put your life on the line for their sham wars. Great deal.

Labour should be made to be ashamed of this, perfectly illustrative of Gordon Browns tight fistedness, and in a similar vein to his '50p' pension increase. Surely they shouldnt pay tax anyway if theyre not in the UK and using services. Even if they dont already have to im sure many do, i doubt councils, if theyre anything like the Inland revenue go out of theyre way to tell people they shouldnt be paying tax.

Predictably the BBC was covering it as some sort of exceptionally generous bonanza from the incredibly philantropic and kind Mr Brown earlier. Nearly made me throw up my breakfast the way they were heaping unconditional praise on him.


Why have we yet to be told the net cost of this? When we know that, we can have a guess at what will be axed at the MoD to fund this gimmick.

Damon Brown

What is needed is some way for the forces and veterans to show their anger at this years Remembrance Day parade in Whitehall - the equivalent of turning their backs on Gordon Brown without showing disrespect to their comrades and the Queen.

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