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Tony Makara

Smart work by Danny Finkelstein. So the man behind the ersatz-economy is a man who makes ersatz-speeches. This sort of copycat culture gives politics a bad name. Still, after seeing the way Brown stole Conservative proposals for a border police, nothing that 'Magpie Brown' does really surprises anymore.

A person

They are similar, but all comparisons are still firmly in the field of being totally coincidental - he has a Phd remember; and I really cant see a masterful political calculator plagiarising in his inaugural election broadcast....

Michael Davidson

Oh come on, these phrases are hardly unique are they. I suspect most leading politicians use phrases pretty similar to those above including all the Tory leaders of the past 10 years.

There's only so many ways which you can say that you are moral, a leader, patriotic etc. so all phrases end up getting recycled. So what?

See this is what I mean by saying you're attacking Brown on the wrong things. If this is the best that we can muster - that he's a 'plagarist', 'communist', 'Thatcher-hater' blah blah...then it certainly doesn't bode well at all.


Michael Davidson, may be but there is a striking similarity in the language, and when you factor in that most of the policies he has announced are lifted straight from the Conservative 2005 manifesto, he isn't the conviction politician he claims, but a plagiarist.


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