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They are good but they need to make sure someone knows about them. i.e not just conhome.com

Tony Makara

Gordon Brown is a man with a record. A record of shame. A record of failed policies and irresponsible economic mis-management. We need a general election to hold our unelected prime minister to account. Gordon Brown is indeed the wrong man for our country.

Voice of Gordon

1. "If education is his ‘passion’, why is it the case that two in five 11-year olds cannot read, write or add up properly?

Gordon's response: "I am passionate about the education system, and I read the statistics carefully. Two and a half illiterate 11 year-olds in the country is a tragedy."

2. When did he first know about the problems at Northern Rock?

Gordon's response: "When I broke some open and the writing in the middle was written backwards. Now I get rock at Brighton. Problem solved."

3. Why does he think that £1.3 trillion of consumer debt is ‘a good thing’?

Gordon's response: "People need to know they can spend and spend and spend while I'm PM. They can always pay later... when the Tories get in, ideally. Then I'll attack them for being bad managers of the economy. How I'll laugh... huh huh huh huh huh!"

4. Does he also think it is ‘a good thing’ that Government debt has grown by over £150bn since 1997, and is forecast to grow by the same again over the next 5 years?

Gordon's response: "Some naughty parties don't believe in tax and spend so I've prudently spent now so they'll have to tax later."

5. Is he happy with the level of immigration into the UK in the last ten years?

Gordon's response: "Immigration is vital to our future. 90% of our cheap labour and tabloid scapegoats now come from abroad."

6. Will he take responsibility for the fact that after years of promises to tackle MRSA, the number of people killed by MRSA has quadrupled since Labour came to power?

Gordon's response: "We did tackle MRSA hard, repeatedly, up and down the country. We did make a small error. Should have worn gloves."

7. Why did he deny that a lot of the increase in health spending has gone on bureaucrats when the Government’s own figures show that the number of managers in the NHS is increasing almost three times as fast as the number of nurses?

Gordon's response: "There is no contradiction. The Tories will pick up the tab for the government pensions in future years when they get in. How I'll laugh... huh huh huh huh huh! So you see, a lot of the money really has gone on medicine -- laughter, the best medicine."

8. If he really believes that we should show greater appreciation for our troops, why does he continue to allow them to live in such poor accommodation?

Gordon's response: "Poor accommodation is character building and our troops have the very greatest character. I will therefore show my appreciation in other ways -- such as expensive gestures where I can drape myself in the Union flag."

9. Why didn’t he talk about our broken society when the Government’s own figures show that violent crime has doubled under Labour?

Gordon's response: "I am, in fact, taking serious and immediate action to fix the urgent problems of society's broken statistics. Once I devise some bold new formulas, the stats will look much healthier."

10. If he really wants to trust the people, why doesn’t he let us have a say on the European Constitution in a referendum, as he promised before the last election?"

Gordon response: "Our manifesto commitment was for a referendum on a constitution plan 0% different from the one proposed at the time. This one is almost 3% different by some estimates. Zero goes into three infinite times so we can see there's an infinite increase in the level of difference between the two. Consequently, our manifesto commitment is 0% applicable."

William W

These are all excellent points, and are questions the PM really needs to answer.

Of course, he will be unable to do so; this government is both too hollow and too incompetent to be able to.

It's a shame that it isn't the Tory Party asking these questions more publicly themselves; people need to learn the dreadful record Labour has since 1997.

Mike H

Well I suppose it's a start. But surely they can come up with something a bit more robust on the subject of immigration? Posing closed questions like 'is Brown happy with the level of immigration over the last ten years' isn't going to get anywhere.

Many, many voters are very concerned about levels of immigration that are swamping our society and draining already scarce and stretched resources. These voters want to see something done to resolve the problem - even if that means sticking two fingers up at the EU and restricting *all* immigration.

We also need to put a stop to the farcical elements of immigration policy that, for instance, apparently allow immigrant workers to claim child benefit for children not even in the country.

I've paid taxes in the UK all my life, but I'm not afforded the luxury of such portability of benefits.

We need to see solid policies and firm action on this issue. Failure to deliver will result in a haemorrhaging of votes to the likes of UKIP and the BNP.

Zbigniew Mazurak

'If he really believes that we should show greater appreciation for our troops, why does he continue to allow them to live in such poor accommodation?'

And why is the British military underfunded? It doesn't even have enough cash to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, never mind defend Britain. The RN now has only 25 surface combatants, whereas it has had 40 surfance combatants 14 years ago.

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