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Tony Makara

Gambling like Alcohol, is a problem for some people and not for others. I grew up in a houshold where my dad raced greyhounds and liked having a bet on the ITV seven etc. Yet he never had a problem with gambling, his gambling was recreational and at times paid off handsomely, like the time when a win bought the family a brand new top range electric fire. However in my life I have come across people who don't bet for fun, they bet out of habit, and for such people it is an addiction. I think we need to separate the recreational gambler from the gambling addict. The internet and easy-credit have certainly extended the number of gambling addicts.

The question is how can we sort the problem out? We wouldn't want to ban the sale of alcohol because some people are alcoholic. We even have to ask what is gambling? Are those who deal in short-selling in the city gamblers? More must be done to help those with gambling addiction, but we shouldn't penalize those who enjoy a flutter or a social night out at the casino or bingo hall.

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