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David Belchamber

Do the tories make use of really good allies like Jeff Randall? Not only has he got facts and figures at his fingertips, he can also deploy devastating arguments.
We have not been so adept over the past few years in coming up with the prompt and devastating riposte to something the government has done or a minister has said, mainly because I don't think our people (DC, Hague, Davis, Fox, Gove, Herbert and one or two others apart) are really on top of their brief.
If Jeff Randall were George Osborne's scriptwriter, my view of Osborne as a possible Chancellor would rise immediately!

David Sergeant

Of course we havn't been cynical enough - by a long way. An example, Brown and Milliband's sending home four Russians was just a stunt to get headlines and make Labour look tough. But Hague treated it as a serioius responsible action. This has been happening sice 1994!

Matt Wright

The mark of New Labour, created by Brown-Blair, has always been to unashamedly divert attention by cynically accusing others of the very faults they are themselves guilty of. Its the "big lie" - making it as big as possible and people think it must be true as no-one would lie like that. Such an approach kids the public but there comes a time when the public realise they are being conned and get nasty. That time is coming!


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