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Tony Makara

The Labour instinct of creating layer upon layer of bureaucracy leads to the gravy-train lifestyle that John Bourn has enjoyed at the expense of the hard-working taxpayer. Incredible that this man has eaten his way through 27,000 pounds worth of food. Was this man dining at the Ritz everynight? Plus another 365,000 on travel, this is obscene! I beg the future Conservative government to end this gravy-train culture.

Account Deleted

I agree that we need a better level of public servants, but paying peanuts will only get monkeys...

The people who reach the top of the civil service in some cases could be working in the city as partners in a law firm, or private equity bosses. In some cases they shouldn't run a whelk stall. The problem is surely unrestructured public services... Not high salaries for seniror civil servants per se.

(And compared with, for example, the average top 20 law firms average partner package, the pay is quite shabby.)

Dick Wishart

I'm surprised that ANYONE is surprised by this.

Henry Mayhew - Ukipper

I could do without this Theresa May press release. She doesn't sound like the change we need either.

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